A set in the Grand Archive trading card game.

Set list

Cards in this set are prefixed KSP.

Number Name Population
EN-001 Foil ≈900
EN-002 Foil ≈2,600
EN-003 Foil ≈2,600
EN-004 Foil ≈1,500
EN-005 Foil ≈1,500
EN-006 Foil ≈1,500
EN-007 Foil ≈1,500
EN-008 Foil ≈1,500

Pack opening video


When the Grand Archive Kickstarter campaign launched on 17th November 2021, only a single Kickstarter promo card had been announced. It wouldn’t be until nearing the end of the campaign over a month later that we’d see any more of these exclusive promo cards added.

Alternative artwork

An alternative artwork version of Lorraine, Blademaster was the very first Grand Archive promo card to be announced. It was included on day one of the Kickstarter campaign, but was not revealed up close, rather it was included as a small part of some of the larger Kickstarter graphics.

Lorraine, Blademaster shown alongside other Kickstarter products.
Lorraine, Blademaster shown alongside other Kickstarter products.

As part of the $250k Kickstarter stretch goal, on 11th March 2022 in Kickstarter update #18 the community was given the opportunity to vote for an Ally card to receive an alternative artwork.

On 22nd April 2022 in Kickstarter update #21 it was announced that Library Witch was the winner with 93 of the 259 votes received (35.9%).

Foil availability

On 22nd December 2021 in Kickstarter update #7 the developers announced that certain cards which were included in the Lorraine and Rai Starter Decks but had subsequently been removed from the main Dawn of Ashes set would be released in foil as Kickstarter-exclusive promo cards.

This was to ensure that foil versions of those cards would be available, as the Lorraine and Rai Starter Decks only contain non-foil cards.

This includes Arcanist’s Prism, Clarent, Sword of Peace, Endura, Scepter of Ignition and Prismatic Edge.

As with all early previews of cards, for early anonymity these all had their illustrators marked as TBD.

Game store exclusive

Encouraged as tournament prizes or free gifts included with purchases, on 27th December 2021 in Kickstarter update #9, Lorraine, Crux Knight (KSP · EN-002 PR) and Rai, Storm Seer (KSP · EN-003 PR) were announced as promo cards that all Game Store Tier 1 and Game Store Tier 2 Kickstarter backers would receive for each Starter Kit add-on ordered.

Game store promos announcement image.
Game store promos announcement image.

Unlike the other Kickstarter promo cards in this set, these two do not feature the Kickstarter ‘K’ logo printed on the card.