A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOAp · EN-019 R

Orb of Choking Fumes – DOAp · EN-019
Orb of Choking Fumes – DOAp · EN-019
Effect Banish Orb of Choking Fumes: Cards your opponents activate this turn costs 1 more to activate. Class Bonus: Draw a card. (Apply the additional effect only if your champion's class matches this card's class.)
Rules 2022-12-27 – The cost increase only affects cards that are activated, not materialized.2022-12-27 – The type of cost increased is based on the card's default cost type. In most cases, it will increase reserve cost because it only affects activation costs. However, if a card can be activated from the material deck and has a memory cost as its default cost, the memory cost will increase by 1.
Rarity Rare
Illustrator 道漫
Normal ≈7,500