A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOA 1st · EN-183 R

Nia, Mistveiled Scout – DOA 1st · EN-183
Nia, Mistveiled Scout – DOA 1st · EN-183
Effect Class BonusStealth (This unit can't be targeted by attacks unless permitted by true sight.) On Enter: Look at target opponent's memory, then choose any card name. Cards with the chosen name cost 1 more to play.
Rules 2022-12-27 – You do not need to name a card that you see revealed from the opponent's memory.2022-12-27 – The cost increase only affects cards that are played, which is a term used to group both activate and materialize.2022-12-27 – The type of cost increased is based on the card's default cost type. If the affected card has a reserve costs, it costs 1 more reserve. If the affected card has a memory cost, it costs 1 more memory.2022-12-27 – Nia's cost increasing effect affects all players.
Rarity Rare
Illustrator Hanh Chu
Normal ≈4,000
Foil ≈127