A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOAp · EN-005 C

This card is part of the Dawn of Ashes Prelude set.

Lorraine, Crux Knight – DOAp · EN-005
Lorraine, Crux Knight – DOAp · EN-005
Effect Lorraine Lineage (Lorraine, Crux Knight must be leveled from a previous level "Lorraine" champion.) (Crux element is enabled for you.) Lorraine's attacks get +1 for each regalia weapon card in your banishment.
Rules 2022-03-10 – With Lorraine's static effect, her attacks get the additional effects, not Lorraine herself. This means that Lorraine still needs a weapon or attack card in order to declare attacks because she does not have an attack stat.
Illustrator Hori
Normal – ≈7,500

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KSP · EN-002 PR

A foil version of the Lorraine, Crux Knight card was included in the Kickstarter promo set.

This card was announced alongside the Rai, Storm Seer (KSP · EN-003 PR) Kickstarter promo on 27th December 2021 in Kickstarter update #9.

Encouraged as tournament prizes or free gifts included with purchases, all Game Store Tier 1 and Game Store Tier 2 Kickstarter backers received one copy of this and Rai, Storm Seer (KSP · EN-003 PR) for every starter kit they ordered.

This card was originally identified as KS PROMO-005.

By default each Game Store Tier 1 backer received 6 starter kits and each Game Store Tier 2 backer received 18. Whilst we do not know how many additional starter kits were ordered as add-ons, we can use this to say that this card has a population of at least 2,358.