A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOAp · EN-004 C

This card is part of the Dawn of Ashes Prelude set.

Lorraine, Blademaster – DOAp · EN-004
Lorraine, Blademaster – DOAp · EN-004
Effect Lorraine Lineage (Lorraine, Blademaster must be leveled from a previous level "Lorraine" champion.) On Enter: Until end of turn, Lorraine's attacks get +2 and gains "On Kill: Draw a card."
Rules 2022-03-10 – With the On Enter effect, Lorraine's attacks get the additional effects, not Lorraine herself. This means that Lorraine still needs a weapon or attack card in order to declare attacks because she does not have an attack stat.
Illustrator Hori
Normal – ≈7,500

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KSP · EN-001 PR

Lorraine, Blademaster (cropped from dev video).
Lorraine, Blademaster (cropped from dev video).

An alternative artwork version of the Lorraine, Blademaster card was included in the Kickstarter promo set.

It included as a reward in certain Kickstarter tiers:

  • Diamond Tier – x1
  • Champion Tier – x2
  • Grand Champion Tier – x5
  • Designer Tier – x10
  • Game Store Tier 1 – x1
  • Game Store Tier 2 – x2

Based on the total number of backers for those tiers, this gives the card a population of 873.