A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOA 1st · EN-067 UR

Gaia's Blessing – DOA 1st · EN-067
Gaia's Blessing – DOA 1st · EN-067
Effect Element BonusYou may banish four Animal and/or Beast ally cards from your graveyard to activate this card from your material deck without paying its costs. Play with the top card of your deck revealed. You may activate Animal and Beast ally cards from the top of your deck.
Rules 2022-12-27 – Using the ability of Gaia's Blessing to allow its activation from the material deck means you do not need a materialization phase to get it out. Activating a card is done at slow speed by default. 2022-12-27 – Activating Gaia's Blessing by using its effect will ignore all costs associated with activating it, including any cost granting and cost increasing effects being applied.2022-12-27 – Each card banished from the graveyard counts as one card. Banishing a card that is both an Animal and Beast does not count as two cards banished for the effect of Gaia's Blessing.
Rarity Ultra Rare
Illustrator 道漫
Normal ≈2,500
Foil ≈90