A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOA 1st · EN-169 C

Freeze Stiff – DOA 1st · EN-169
Freeze Stiff – DOA 1st · EN-169
Effect Rest up to two target allies. If either of those allies are attacking, negate their attacks and end the combat phase. Class Bonus: Those allies don't wake up during their controller's next wake up phase. (Apply the additional effect only if your champion's class matches this card's class.)
Rules 2022-12-27 – When Freeze Stiff causes the combat phase to end, it causes all other effects on the stack to be removed. This includes triggered effects as well as activated cards. Cards removed from the stack this way are banished.
Rarity Common
Illustrator Hori
Normal ≈24,000
Foil ≈157