A card in the Grand Archive trading card game.

DOAp · EN-012 R

This card is part of the Dawn of Ashes Prelude set.

Endura, Scepter of Ignition – DOAp · EN-012
Endura, Scepter of Ignition – DOAp · EN-012
Effect , Remove an enlighten counter from your champion: Deal 1 damage to target unit. Activate this ability only at slow speed.
Illustrator 漫道
Normal – ≈7,500

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KSP · EN-006 PR

A foil version of the Endura, Scepter of Ignition card was included in the Kickstarter promo set.

This card was announced 24th December 2021 in Kickstarter update #8.

This card was originally identified as KS PROMO-002.

This card was awarded to anyone who backed the Kickstarter campaign, giving it a total population of 1,539.